Hot Fashion Jewelry

We all have our favorite things. Some like to splurge on fine foods, other people go crazy about designer purses, but if you ask me it’s all about hot fashion jewelry. As a mother of two little ones I relish in any opportunity to get dressed up (aka out of sweats) and when I do I don’t just want to look okay, I want to look fabulous. Fashion jewelry makes all the difference.

If you’re on the look for some new pieces to spruce up your wardrobe, check out these three lines:


Frieda Rothman

I love the stackable rings and layered necklaces. Available in a variety of different metals at an affordable price point, it’s fun and easy to collect several different looks. I especially like the contrast of the 14K gold and the black rhodium plating.

Lagos_JewelryLagos Summer Collection

There are so many colored stones in the summer line, but my ultimate favorites are the abalone pieces. With a natural decorative pattern and a hint of shine, abalone delivers a look that’s very summery. As a bonus it also looks good with everything.

jersp0916_1Dabakarov Slice Jewelry

Big slices of colored stones surrounded by diamonds and set in 14K gold. Umm, does it get any better? These bright pops of color are the perfect way to dress up any summer outfit. If I had to pick, the turquoise pieces would get my vote.

I hope that the rest of your summer is full of sun, fun and hot fashion jewelry. If you have any questions on these lines don’t hesitate to give me a shout!

~ Shawn

Entering the Blogosphere

What if we told you that the ladies of Crocker’s Jewelers would now be available to you around the clock? That’s right 24-hours per day, seven days a week and 52 weeks per year you’ll be able to find us right here, on the internet.

In our new blog we’ll of course talk fashion, jewelry tips, and general Texarkana happenings. We’ll also get more personal, giving you insight into our lives outside of the store. No matter the topic it will be candid, unfiltered and most importantly, fun.

Check back soon for the real deal, and in the meantime, join us in celebrating our entrance into the blogosphere. We think we’re going to like it here.

Peace, Love and Bling,

Shawn, Melissa & Lauren