Gifts For Dad

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away! For those of you who are still wondering what to get that special man in your life, we’ve got your back. While the Girls of Crocker’s would like to think we know exactly what men want, we decided to go straight to the source instead.

For the ultimate 2016 Father’s Day gift guide we consulted one of the most fashionable men we know. Meet, Justin Magness everyone. Justin is Shane’s son-in-law and also just became a father himself.


According to Justin, this is what our men want to see when they open their gifts this year …

Certified Pre-Owned Rolex

While he’ll appreciate any timepiece, there’s nothing better than a Rolex!

FullSizeRender (9)
Personalized Tie Bars
You can get creative with this one. Add his initials, the kids initials, or even birthdates.
Personalized Cuff Links

Both Heather B. Moore and Moon and Lola offer stunning personalized cuff links.

Money Clips
Personal and functional, this piece comes from the Heather B. Moore collection.

Thanks to Justin for the advice! If you would like to snag any of these gifts for your man, stop by Crocker’s Jewelers in Texarkana, TX. And, to all of the Dad’s out there … we’re wishing you a relaxing Father’s Day. Kick those shoes up!