Pop The Question This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. Naturally, the Girls Of Crocker’s have love on their minds. And with love comes the perfect proposal. Guys, if you’re looking for ways to sweep your girl off of her feet, take some advice from us. A proposal should be romantic. It should be personal. And, according to us, it should be pretty elaborate.

Just in case you’re looking for ideas, here’s how we want our “future” hubbies to pop the question …

Head For The Mountains 


“I think it’s perfect that Valentine’s Day falls on the cold month of February. It’s so much more romantic than those warm summer months. After all, nobody wants to be proposed to with sweat pouring down their face, frizzy hair, and squinting eyes. Nope, not a sexy moment you want to remember forever. So … my dream Valentines proposal would be in the snow covered mountains somewhere beautiful. Say, Colorado! As I’m riding the ski lift preparing to show off my awesome snowboarding skills I would look down to see “will you marry me?” spelled out in the snow. I think it’s possible, but, I if that’s too elaborate I would also take an adorable, quaint Ski Lodge posted up in front of a warm fire after our big adventurous snowboarding day!”


Make It A Surprise


“To me the perfect proposal is one that’s a complete surprise. I know a lot of girls say this, but seriously … I don’t want to have a clue! Here’s how he goes down … he sneakily takes me back to the first place we ever met and “Marry Me” by Train just happens to be playing in the background. Then he begins to tell me all of the wonderful, amazing, and cheesy things about me, and our relationship. From there, it continues and eventually he lands down on one knee and says those beautiful words, “will you marry me?” {yes, duh}. I want it to be a special moment between the two of us, well except for that secret photographer that’s there to capture the moment! “



Recruit The Entire Family


“I know this sounds cliche’ but my dream proposal is a Valentine’s Proposal! Valentine’s Day  is my parents anniversary and that is a very sentimental day for me. My ultimate proposal would be if my future husband popped the question in front of my entire family. They are so important to me and I want them to be there to experience that special moment with me. And for the bling … my dream ring is a 2 carat round center stone set in yellow gold. All that said, for the right man I would be happy with a ring pop {no joke}.”


A Romantic Paradise


“My dream Valentine’s Day proposal would take place in Fiji, in a Tiki Hut, surrounded by beautiful blue water. The hut would be all decked out with flowers and the ring would be displayed on the glass floor so that you could see the fish swimming around your beautiful bling {#whynot}! As you can tell, I want movie style proposal, very elaborate and romantic!! My dream ring is this stunning Gabriel yellow gold emerald cut with a baguette on each side.”


A New York Minute


“My dream Valentine’s proposal would have to be in New York City. Mostly because I’m obsessed with NYC! Did you know that you can rent the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center for a couple of hours to execute your perfect proposal? Believe me, I’ve looked into it {don’t judge}. Not only would you be in one of the most beautiful cities, you would also be at 30 Rock with the person of your dreams. Just try to forget about the fact that complete strangers are watching you as you attempt to ice skate. Icing on the cake would be a Valentine’s Day proposal. I know. I know. I might be over the top, but isn’t every girls “dream” proposal?!”


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Wishing you holiday full of love, and maybe even a proposal. If so, be sure to share your story with us!!


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