Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry Collection

We’ve been hearing a few little birdies chirping outside of Crocker’s Jewelers. Spring is so, so close! With the warmer temperatures and longer days, it’s time for all of us to come out of hibernation. We think the same is true for our jewelry as well.

Have you looked at your jewelry box lately? Unless you’re one of those Type A bling collectors, chances are there are some pieces in there that could use a little love. Luckily, the Girls of Crocker’s are here to help you sort through the tarnished mess.

The first step is getting organized. Empty your jewelry box completely and then decide the fate of each piece. Will you clean it, repair it, restore it, or get rid of it? Here is some information to help you decide …



Did you know that we offer free jewelry cleaning services everyday? Now when it comes to tarnished bling, sorry but, you have no excuse! Whether it’s silver, platinum, or gold, we’ll give it the love and care that it deserves. When you walk out of our store sparkling like the stars you’ll wonder why you didn’t come in sooner!



When a jewelry item breaks, we tuck it away and forget about. If only it weren’t so! This year as you embark on your spring-cleaning, let your broken jewelry items shine again. Whether it’s a new watch battery, a broken necklace chain, or a ring with a loose stone … bring it to us! Our expert repair team is here to help your investments last for many years to come.



If you have jewelry items that are sentimental, but not quite your style why not give them a facelift? You wouldn’t believe what our custom design team is capable of. Simply come to us with your jewelry, tell us about your vision, and let us get to work. You’ll be amazed when your grandma’s old birthstone ring is transformed into a modern work of art.



Once you’ve sorted through your bling, there’s bound to be a few items that you’re ready to part with. It’s okay. We all change! Personally we love passing on our old jewelry items to friends and family to give them new life. Another option is to bring your unwanted gold and platinum to Crocker’s. We’ll transform it into something new, and pay you top dollar so that you can use the money on something that you love!

Ahh spring. Don’t let this opportunity to clean out your jewelry box pass you by. Just think, you could have a whole new collection of accessories to choose from when you’re done! From cleaning, to custom design pieces, if there is anything that Crocker’s Jewelers can do to help your bling sparkle again, pay us a visit!


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