Making Gifts Memorable

At Crocker’s Jewelers we have people walk through our door every day, searching for “the perfect gift”. With graduation, Mother’s Day, and summer birthdays around the corner we started to give it some thought. What makes a gift memorable anyways? For the answer The Girls of Crocker’s took a little trip down memory lane to determine the BEST gift that we had ever received.

It didn’t take us long to notice a theme. The gifts that we loved the most weren’t the biggest ones. They weren’t the most expensive. And, they weren’t {always} the shiniest. Our favorite gifts were those that reminded us of the people that we love. Take these for example …


IMG_1691 (2)

A pair of Ray Ban Aviators … 

The most memorable gift I ever received is a pair of hand-me-down Ray Ban Aviators from my older brother. I have a very close family and consider my brothers my best friends. My senior year of high school, I hadn’t seen my older brother for many months as he had been away at Basic Military Training {BMT} and flight school.

Like most teenage girls I had been wanting a pair of Ray Bans for months, and apparently my brother caught on even though he wasn’t really around. On my graduation day not only did I get a pair of Ray Bans, but I got the very Ray Ban Aviators that my oldest brother had worn all through Flight School. They are still my go-to pair of sunglasses and when I wear them it’s like I have him with me even when we’re hundreds of miles apart.


heather moore signature (2).jpg

My father’s signature …

The most memorable gift that I can think of isn’t actually one that I received, rather it’s one that I gave to my mother. A couple months before Christmas last year my dad passed away. In order to boost my mom’s spirits I wanted to do something extra special for her over the holidays. I scoured through piles of cards that my dad have given my mom, and finally I found this perfect little note that read “Forever Love Mick”.

I took a picture of my dad’s handwriting and sent it to Heather Moore so that they could create a custom stamp. Using the stamp I had a necklace made with his signature on a tag, his birthstone, as well as a yellow gold bar with the names of my sister and I. Watching my mom as she opened it on Christmas morning is something that I will never forget. To say that she LOVED it is an understatement. She wears it everyday!


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A reminder of my two true loves … 

In October of 2014 my first and only baby girl made her debut in this world. She also happened to be born on her daddy’s birthday, which was really special to both of us. After we took her home, I dreamt of getting a custom pink tourmaline ring made to represent Kyle and Ryan’s birthdays. I wanted it to be yellow gold, and stackable.

Well, when I walked into our living room on Christmas morning I saw something sparkling back at me when I went to grab out stockings. It was my ring! I have worn it every day since and will for the rest of my life. After all, it represents two of the people that I love the most in this world. Kyle Lynn and her daddy.


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Gifts from my children … 

Over the years my children have given me so much, but looking back there are two gifts that stand out.

When my daughter was born, my son was eight years old. He joined us at the hospital and was astonished that when we went home, he had a little sister. Then he presented me with a little box that contained He-man Masters of the Universe. He told me that I was Master of his Universe. And, my heart melted.

Years later my daughter started asking for chores so that she could get paid like her brother. On Mother’s Day of that year, which also happened to be her birthday, she collected her chore money and bought me an “M” necklace. But, it wasn’t for Mary … it was for Mama. I still wear that necklace to this day.



A family heirloom that lives on …

My favorite gift is a white gold diamond ring that was left to me by my grandmother. I adored my sweet grandmother and loved spending time with her.  The ring she left me is beautiful and it makes me smile and think of her every single time I wear it. I have enjoyed having this family heirloom and will one day pass it on to my sweet niece and hope it is a memorable gift for her as well.

If you’re looking for a memorable gift that your loved one with treasure for years to come, visit Crocker’s Jewelers in Texarkana, TX. Based on experience, we know what makes a gift special, not to mention we love making people smile.