Keep Calm and Shop Crocker’s

There are a lot of myths that surround jewelry stores. Well today Crocker’s is here to set the record straight. When you shop with us you don’t need to be anything other than yourself. Here’s why …

We welcome casual. 

We hear it allllllll the time, “I’m sorry I have workout clothes on,” and “Oh, you’ll have to ignore my sloppiness, I’m out running errands.” NEWS FLASH, we’re at work, you’re not! Yoga pants, flip flops, and holey jeans are not only acceptable, but highly encouraged when shopping at Crocker’s! We want you to be comfortable. With a showroom full of unique, contemporary pieces to browse, you almost need your walking shoes!

Crockers8162 copy

Crockers82632 copy

We say bring the little ones. 

Some customers think they have to stay away from our sparkly cases when they have their kids in tow. We say, why not bring them along? At Crocker’s we love kids and stock a vast selection of ring pops so that they can shine too. Walk right in and show your kids their way to our playroom. There they can enjoy that ring pop and all of our toys while you shop in peace!


Any budget will do. 

If you think that you need to have deep pockets to shop at Crocker’s, think again! We believe that everyone deserves beautiful accessories, so we stock jewelry at all price rages. Did you know that we have bracelets starting at $9.99? It’s true! Along with competitive pricing, we also offer free lifetime warranties to ensure that your precious jewels shine on for years to come.

For larger purchases if your stressed about the upfront investment, rely on our 12-month interest-free financing and low monthly payment plans. No matter your budget, Crocker’s strives to offer the best customer service to make your shopping experience a great one! That includes fresh baked chocolate chip cookies …


We keep it in-house. 

One thing that sets Crocker’s apart from the rest is the fact that we have an on-site jeweler to manage all of your repairs. This is huge people! What new bride-to-be wants to wait weeks before showing off her engagement ring just because it needs to be sized down a bit?! Easy answer, none of them!

When you choose Crocker’s you’ll never have to send your precious jewels away to a total stranger for repair. In fact, many times our jeweler can get your small repairs done in just a day or two {he’s awesome}. Danny has been at Crocker’s Jewelers for thirty years and he’s mastered his craft for sure! No project is too big, or too small.



Jewelry cleaning for all. 

Did we mention that we will clean your jewelry anytime? Of course! No jewelry deserves to look dull. Ever. Just bring it in and enjoy one of those cookies while we shine it up. Just another bonus for choosing Crocker’s Jewelers!


Above all we are happy to be your trusted jeweler in Texarkana, TX. No matter who you are! So come to us in your outfit of choice, with your kids, with any budget. We’re here to make your wildest jewelry dreams come true. Just keep calm, and shop at Crocker’s!

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