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Lauren, A Crocker’s Bride To Be


Hey guys and gals, it’s Lauren, and I’m here to deliver some pretty big news … I’m ENGAGED!! I’m still very much on cloud nine, and I think I’ve acquired a bunch of new wrinkles because I just can’t get this smile off of my face. Ahhh! You’re probably wondering … how’d he propose?!

It was like a dream …

Early on in the week Matthew told me that he had to help his Dad with a project on Thursday evening so he wouldn’t be around. Okay! Nothing out of the ordinary. So while he went off to do whatever it is he had to do, I made plans with Melissa. On our way to go eat chips and salsa {my fav}, Melissa told me that we had to stop by Bringle Park. Her son was there for a school photo shoot and had forgotten the very important shirt he was supposed to wear {oh, kiddos}.

When we arrived at the park, Melissa got a phone call that she “had to take”. As she chatted she tossed me her sons very important shirt and sent me on my way to go find him. As I’m racing around the park looking for a group of kids all of a sudden I run into this tall handsome man. It was Matthew. Ummm …

Immediately, I felt butterflies. I knew what was about to happen and the only thing that stopped me from bursting into ooey-gooey-love-tears was Matthew’s big smiling face. He walked towards me, got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?”.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Forever. Yes. 

Matthew and Lauren Proposal (1)

Matthew and Lauren Proposal 2*photo credit: Amanda Magness Photography


“Let me tell you, keeping an engagement ring a secret is no easy task. Especially when the recipient is your friend, your co-worker, and your neighbor! Thank goodness Matthew’s in-store accomplice {ahem, Melissa} kept the proposal plan to herself. I would have exploded if I had to deal with anymore sneakiness! 

The night of the proposal I was out of town and when Lauren called me with the news I literally did a happy dance in my hotel room. I couldn’t be more excited for these two lovebirds, and I’m looking forward to the big celebration. Knowing Lauren, it’s going to be so beautiful. Now what to wear … to a wedding … in Texas … in September. Hmmm.” 


“I’ve known Lauren my whole life and I’m so happy for her and Matthew! I’m anxious to celebrate their everlasting love and happiness at the #PathtoPonder wedding. It’s going to be a blast, and she’s going to be such a stunning bride. I mean, just look at her! Not to mention, that ring {gasp}. Matthew, you did good. Really, really good! 

While I know Makenzie has doubts about the September weather, I’m sticking to my guns and am planning to wear a flowy sun dress to the celebration. For a little extra personality I’ll add in a couple of Bourbon & Boweties Bracelets from Crocker’s Jewelers.”


“It’s such a good feeling seeing Lauren genuinely happy! The day she mentioned meeting Matthew, her eyes lit up and she couldn’t stop talking about the butterflies in her stomach. Lauren is one of the sweetest people I know and she always goes out of her way to help others {myself included}. That’s why I am so happy that she found Matthew, who always puts her first. The timing for both of them was absolute perfection and their wedding will show that. It will be beautiful, fun, and there will be oh, so much love. 

While Lauren looks radiant in her white dress, I’m planning to wear a simple maxi dress or even a classy romper. Some accessories from Crocker’s Jewelers will be the icing on the cake. I really like what I’m seeing from Jayden Star and Pandora right now, so I am sure I’ll have plenty of options to choose from when the big day nears!” 


Engagement, The Real Deal

Alright guys, so you say you’re ready to pop the question. Congrats! Getting engaged is a huge decision within itself and along with it comes finding a ring, selecting the perfect spot for your proposal, and nailing your delivery. Phew. It’s overwhelming. We get it and, as women, we want you to know that we are grateful for all of the work you put into your grand gestures of love!

In order to show our appreciation the Girls of Crocker’s are here to help you out a little bit. Before you pop the question, consider wise words from three ladies who live for love stories, perfect proposals, and beautiful bling. We’ve got your back!


Focus On Fancy

It’s all about fancy cuts right now. Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with beautiful images of oval and pear cut diamonds. It’s amazing. Another style trend I see on the rise are intricate settings made from rose and yellow gold. Whatever you choose, shoot for something that will agree with her unique taste. Taking a look at some of her current jewelry pieces will give you an idea! From there, focus on the a beautifully cut diamond for optimal brilliance. I am loving the L’Amour Crisscut and the Firemark by Forevermark. Talk about sparkle!


Snag a Ring Cam

If you’re looking for a unique way to capture your special moment, you best get yourself a ring cam! While it looks like an ordinary black box, it’s so much more. Rely on the hidden camera inside to capture her reaction when you get down on one knee to reveal the ring. What a great memory to share with friends and family without having to invite them all to the proposal [wink]. If you ask me, Ring Cam is where it is at!


Use Your Creativity

As much as I love the bling, when it comes to engagements my favorite part is the proposal. I love hearing all of the stories from our bridal guests. If you ask me, the more creative, the better! Take her somewhere special, do something she loves and make it an event to remember. Recently one of my customers fiances really knocked it out of the park [literally]. He cut a baseball in half and then inserted the ring inside of it. Off to the Texas Rangers game they went where he proposed to her on the big screen!


Shop At Crocker’s

If you’re getting engaged come to Crocker’s for the best advice and the best bling! We specifically recommend checking out our Bridal Event which is just around the corner. If you still need a ring look at this as your opportunity to get the goods and save a lot of dough! We’re talking prizes, special financing, and up to 50% off of engagement rings*. For more information watch our Facebook Page or give us a call!

If you’re getting engaged, above all remember that you’ve got this! And, breathe! Even if there are a few hiccups along the way, at the end of the whole process you’re going to have one amazing lady to share the rest of your life with. That’s what it’s all about.

*Restrictions apply. See store for details.