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Trunk Show 2015 Preview

Events, Events, Events OH MY! There are so many exciting events coming up at Crocker’s, we don’t know where to begin. From Freida Rothman, Lagos and Heather B. Moore, we have an amazing line up this coming weekend.

Join us November 5th & 7th for our 2015 Designer Trunk Show! Be the first to view the newest lines from Freida Rothman and Lagos on the 5th and Heather B. Moore on the 7th. Want some first hand previews of these exclusive lines? See below!

“Lagos to me is so unique to any other brand because of their caviar beading. The silver, gold and now the new black caviar gives me options to mix and match the entire collection. I can wear it casual on a Friday night out with family or even to a formal work affair!”

“Freida Rothman first and foremost is Fun! For instance, I can stack the rings or wear them solo making it appear I have a different ring for each day of the week. Every necklace comes in different lengths allowing me to layer them. Their matte finish is appealing because its different from the traditional silver, yellow and rose gold. It offers a vintage look which separates it from other brand!”


“Heather Moore is something you can put your grand babies name on and keep them close to your heart! I love the fact that you can take a signature of a loved one who has passed, like my mom, and have a piece made with their signature”