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Bling On The Savings

If you’re always on the lookout for a good deal, now is the time to shop at Crocker’s Jewelers in Texarkana, TX. From in-house jewelry repairs, to custom designed pieces, and even charitable contributions, we have a lot in the works right now. All designed with you in mind! Scroll below to learn more …

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Bring Us Your Jewelry Dreams …

At Crocker’s we specialize in custom design, because we love seeing your ideas come to life. If you have a dream, bring it to us, and save while you’re at it. Right now we’re offering free quotes and CAD services on up to two custom designed pieces per customer*. You could also save $50 on any custom piece over $400*.

Bring Your Items Back To Life …

If you have broken jewelry items just sitting in your jewelry box, now is the time to bring them back to life. Crocker’s offers professional, in-house repair services so that you know your precious items are in good hands. Act fast to save 10% on that repair that you need the most.*

Let Your Jewelry Shine On …

Overtime the lotion we wear, the soap we use, and life in general takes a toll on our once sparkling jewelry items. Well, we’re here to help you bring back the shine. Bring in up to five pieces and we’ll clean them and inspect them for free*. That’s right, not a single penny.


Charge Up For Charity…

At Crocker’s Jewelers, we feel truly blessed to be a part of this community and we want to give back wherever we can. When you buy a watch battery at Crocker’s Jewelers, 100% of the profits will benefit a charity that is important to our community. It’s our little way of saying thank you. See above for our most recent donation to Laces of Grace.

Summer is here and the savings are hot. Whether you need a jewelry item fixed, or want to design something new, stop by Crocker’s Jeweler’s in Texarkana, TX. We’re standing by to make all of your jewelry dreams come true.

*Offer valid through 12/31/17. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Restrictions apply, see store for details.

Keep Calm and Shop Crocker’s

There are a lot of myths that surround jewelry stores. Well today Crocker’s is here to set the record straight. When you shop with us you don’t need to be anything other than yourself. Here’s why …

We welcome casual. 

We hear it allllllll the time, “I’m sorry I have workout clothes on,” and “Oh, you’ll have to ignore my sloppiness, I’m out running errands.” NEWS FLASH, we’re at work, you’re not! Yoga pants, flip flops, and holey jeans are not only acceptable, but highly encouraged when shopping at Crocker’s! We want you to be comfortable. With a showroom full of unique, contemporary pieces to browse, you almost need your walking shoes!

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We say bring the little ones. 

Some customers think they have to stay away from our sparkly cases when they have their kids in tow. We say, why not bring them along? At Crocker’s we love kids and stock a vast selection of ring pops so that they can shine too. Walk right in and show your kids their way to our playroom. There they can enjoy that ring pop and all of our toys while you shop in peace!


Any budget will do. 

If you think that you need to have deep pockets to shop at Crocker’s, think again! We believe that everyone deserves beautiful accessories, so we stock jewelry at all price rages. Did you know that we have bracelets starting at $9.99? It’s true! Along with competitive pricing, we also offer free lifetime warranties to ensure that your precious jewels shine on for years to come.

For larger purchases if your stressed about the upfront investment, rely on our 12-month interest-free financing and low monthly payment plans. No matter your budget, Crocker’s strives to offer the best customer service to make your shopping experience a great one! That includes fresh baked chocolate chip cookies …


We keep it in-house. 

One thing that sets Crocker’s apart from the rest is the fact that we have an on-site jeweler to manage all of your repairs. This is huge people! What new bride-to-be wants to wait weeks before showing off her engagement ring just because it needs to be sized down a bit?! Easy answer, none of them!

When you choose Crocker’s you’ll never have to send your precious jewels away to a total stranger for repair. In fact, many times our jeweler can get your small repairs done in just a day or two {he’s awesome}. Danny has been at Crocker’s Jewelers for thirty years and he’s mastered his craft for sure! No project is too big, or too small.



Jewelry cleaning for all. 

Did we mention that we will clean your jewelry anytime? Of course! No jewelry deserves to look dull. Ever. Just bring it in and enjoy one of those cookies while we shine it up. Just another bonus for choosing Crocker’s Jewelers!


Above all we are happy to be your trusted jeweler in Texarkana, TX. No matter who you are! So come to us in your outfit of choice, with your kids, with any budget. We’re here to make your wildest jewelry dreams come true. Just keep calm, and shop at Crocker’s!

Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry Collection

We’ve been hearing a few little birdies chirping outside of Crocker’s Jewelers. Spring is so, so close! With the warmer temperatures and longer days, it’s time for all of us to come out of hibernation. We think the same is true for our jewelry as well.

Have you looked at your jewelry box lately? Unless you’re one of those Type A bling collectors, chances are there are some pieces in there that could use a little love. Luckily, the Girls of Crocker’s are here to help you sort through the tarnished mess.

The first step is getting organized. Empty your jewelry box completely and then decide the fate of each piece. Will you clean it, repair it, restore it, or get rid of it? Here is some information to help you decide …



Did you know that we offer free jewelry cleaning services everyday? Now when it comes to tarnished bling, sorry but, you have no excuse! Whether it’s silver, platinum, or gold, we’ll give it the love and care that it deserves. When you walk out of our store sparkling like the stars you’ll wonder why you didn’t come in sooner!



When a jewelry item breaks, we tuck it away and forget about. If only it weren’t so! This year as you embark on your spring-cleaning, let your broken jewelry items shine again. Whether it’s a new watch battery, a broken necklace chain, or a ring with a loose stone … bring it to us! Our expert repair team is here to help your investments last for many years to come.



If you have jewelry items that are sentimental, but not quite your style why not give them a facelift? You wouldn’t believe what our custom design team is capable of. Simply come to us with your jewelry, tell us about your vision, and let us get to work. You’ll be amazed when your grandma’s old birthstone ring is transformed into a modern work of art.



Once you’ve sorted through your bling, there’s bound to be a few items that you’re ready to part with. It’s okay. We all change! Personally we love passing on our old jewelry items to friends and family to give them new life. Another option is to bring your unwanted gold and platinum to Crocker’s. We’ll transform it into something new, and pay you top dollar so that you can use the money on something that you love!

Ahh spring. Don’t let this opportunity to clean out your jewelry box pass you by. Just think, you could have a whole new collection of accessories to choose from when you’re done! From cleaning, to custom design pieces, if there is anything that Crocker’s Jewelers can do to help your bling sparkle again, pay us a visit!


Let Your Bling Shine On

Jewelry is meant to shine, and there’s nothing worse than when it breaks or starts looking a little dull. Luckily, you have the Girls of Crocker’s on your side and we’re here to see that your jewelry is looking fabulous. All. Of. The. Time.

When you come to Crocker’s Jewelers for a repair, or even just a simple cleaning, we treat your precious items with the utmost care. And, we do it all in-house. That way you don’t have to worry about your precious items being shipped all over the country. To give you a better idea, here’s a little glimpse of our repair process …

While we could go on and on about the technology we use, our competitive pricing, and blabbity blah … there’s more to it. What makes our repairs the best in all of Texas {truth} are the people behind the scenes …

Let’s start with our jeweler, Danny. Not only is Danny a stand up guy, he also lives and breathes jewelry. From extraordinary custom design pieces to transforming jewelry that we thought was destined for the grave, he never fails to impress us. Plus, he puts up with all of us ladies {phew}.


And then, there’s our amazing repair team, which includes Kathy, Anna, and Karen. Their attention to details is something to aspire towards, but that’s not all. Their secret sauce is their level of compassion. When they approach a piece of jewelry it’s more than a “thing” that they have to fix. It’s a story that they’re helping live on {Kleenex, please}.


So, if you have a jewelry item or a timepiece that has seen better days, bring it to Crocker’s Jewelers in Texarkana, TX. We’ll look at your item for free and provide you with an estimate immediately. No games. No waiting. And, if all your bling needs is a little scrub a dub dub … that’s on us.